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Folders and products are subject to be changed at any time without notice and have to be confirmend by AKU in case of an inquiry or order in written form.

Packages are released via BONUS-Holsystem under membership 2805, and will not be taken back.

Only our terms of trade  (AKU or Ahlborn Kunststoffe) are vaild and can be seen and printed in English language under of Trade AKU 2012.pdf.


Ahlborn Kunststoffe e.U.


Mürfelndorf 10

Postal Code/ City:

AT-3650 Pöggstall


+43 (0)2758 34994-0


+43 (0)2758 34994-4


office [at]
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legal form:

eingetragener Unternehmer

commercial register

St. Pölten

Reg. Nr.:


CEO: Ing. Christian Ahlborn



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